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Tuesday, January 6th, 2009

My pre-natal appointment was today and we FINALLY have a heartbeat on the Doppler.  We got it pretty quickly and then the brat caught on and decided to go for a swim.  Dr. Awesome chased it around my stomach for a few minutes and then got it.  The fetal heartbeat was 150 which is a good number.

I also lost weight over Christmas.  No idea how I did that, especially as it means that I’ve only gained about 10 lbs total with the pregnancy.  (I know… I have 5 months yet to go and I’ll gain more in the next few as the baby gets bigger.)

Catching Up

Sunday, December 21st, 2008

It was bloody cold (-20F) last Saturday and we had a storm with blowing snow… but I decided to go to Great Falls anyway.  When I hit the edge of Shelby (the nearest town to us), I got hit rapidly with nausea and puked all over myself and my coat and the front seat of the car.  Thankfully, I had a spare coat in the car as well as spare gloves and there was a big enough plastic bag to put all my outerwear into.  I still had to do a couple errands though and I was rather self-conscious about my appearance!  I finally got home, stripped off my nasty clothes, showered, and huddled under blankets.  With windchill, it was -42F outside and I wasn’t much warmer!!!

I got flattened with nausea and vertigo on Monday (in addition to complete lack of sleep) so I was just at work from Tuesday to Friday.  Friday, I had my pre-natal appointment and told Dr. Awesome that I wanted a flu shot.  I mean, I seem to be getting EVERYTHING going around (no thanks to certain of my co-workers who are incapable of washing their hands after they cough or sneeze) and even though I’m having a little bit of reaction to the shot (I’m mildly allergic to eggs), it’s probably the best thing for me.  We’re also temporarily upping my Effexor XR to deal with panic and anxiety right now from the pregnancy hormones.

The fun part of the appointment: the sea monkey did not want to be found for a heartbeat (probably because the little brat was somewhere around my back) so after 5 minutes of pressing on my lower abdomen with her Doppler reader, Dr. Awesome called over to the hospital and told them she needed to play with their ultrasound machine.  So… we marched over there 20 minutes later and they put more cold gel on my stomach and pressed some more.  They did see the baby and we *did* have a fetal heartbeat (148 for those interested).  The sea monkey looks a whole lot like Gollum right now!!!

I did finally get down to Great Falls yesterday and made out like a bandit at Old Navy!  3 pairs of pants for $40.  Granted, I need to take them to Seattle with me next weekend to get hemmed but that’s doable.  Target was also good though I think I might end up taking one pair back when we head to the airport next Friday. They also weren’t having a sale so I think I paid about $60 for the two pairs I got there.  I’m going to go on the Old Navy site and see about finding some tops that work (i.e. that are long enough to cover my belly).

Oh yeah… and I was actually somwhat prepared with a plastic bag when the nausea hit yesterday! I must remember to have saltines with me though…

The Ultrasound and Other Updates

Saturday, December 6th, 2008

We had our ultrasound on Monday and the sea monkey is just fine.  (I’m not doing well on finding a working scanner at the moment so pictures will have to wait.)  It was waving its little limb buds at us and we got to see its heart beating.  My pre-natal appointment was Thursday and Dr. Awesome is quite happy with how things are going.

Otherwise, I’m just tired all the time from the sea monkey sucking the energy out of me.  I’m told that it will get better though I’m wondering.

Pre-Natal Appointment Last Monday

Thursday, November 27th, 2008

I went in to see Dr. Awesome last Monday because my cold/respiratory bug was not getting better.  Well… apparently, I had a fever and it’s actually an infection.  Go me.  Robitussin DM is out due to the guanefesin and I’m having to control the cough with cough drops.  Thankfully, I *am* allowed one Sudafed a day to deal with the upper respiratory crap.  Thank goodness also for the septoplasty this summer so my nose actually *drains* now.

No Immune System

Friday, November 21st, 2008

I’m on Day 3 of almost-complete bedrest while trying to get over a really nasty cold that Jon gave me.  Well… not complete bedrest the first day because I had to go to Great Falls to see my FABULOUS Neurologist. I’d been playing message tag with her for three weeks and decided to just bite the bullet and go to see her.  (I was not disappointed.  Visits with her are like sitting at $tarbucks with a friend.)  She found something I could take for the really bad migraines that is pregnancy-safe (it’s basically Tylenol and caffeine) and she also gave me all the research she had been doing on pregnancy and migraines.  (I’m apparently her first pregnant patient.  This is actually not a bad thing because she’s researching all the current information instead of going off of whatever they would have told her when she trained to be an ARNP.)

Another plus: I got quite a bit of crocheting done on the Sea Monkey blanket while she and I visited.

Mostly, I’m just really frustrated because I’m not sleeping well and I think getting this cold is part of that as well as the pregnancy fatigue.  The Ambien that Dr. Awesome gave me isn’t working at the moment and I’m having coughing fits so I’m waking up frequently.

I do owe a big thank-you to Justin at Liberty Drug for transferring my prescription over today and filling it after I’d discovered that I only had a one-day supply left and wasn’t going to make it to my normal pharmacy.  It was a bright spot in my day.

Oh yeah… Heather from Dooce.Com is due a week before me.  The cats seem to be taking my pregnancy better than her daughter Leta is taking hers.

Pre-Natal Appointment: 2 Months

Friday, November 14th, 2008

I saw Dr. Awesome on Tuesday and I was expecting more than her just listening to my heart and checking me out.  She’s happy with my weight gain (or lack thereof), my sugars, and everything else.  My next appointment needs to be in 2-4 weeks (2 if I’m feeling crappy, 3-4 if I’m feeling good). I guess they can’t detect a heartbeat until I’m 12 weeks along (another 3 weeks from tomorrow) so I don’t get to hear the sea monkey until then.

Meanwhile, I got the shirt from Cafepress.  I look forward to wearing it this weekend if I can ever drag myself out of the house.

Back on Effexor XR

Saturday, October 25th, 2008

As the withdrawal symptoms from the Effexor XR landed me in the ER last night, Dr. Awesome and I have decided that I need to get back on it.  It’s kind of risky because it is a Class C medication (meaning that it *might* cause birth defects, more specifically a congenital heart defect) but for me, the benefits of staying on it while pregnant outweigh the risks to me and thus to the sea monkey.  I have to go see her later this week to figure out how to reconcile my need to be on it with the pregnancy.

On the other hand, my sugars are absolutely beautiful and Dr. Awesome is happy with those.