Not That I Really Wanted To Know…

My MSAFP test came back slightly elevated for Down’s Syndrome.  Ummm… have I mentioned that I did not want the test in the first place and was kind of talked into it?  The bruise from the bloodwork had finally disappeared too!

Dr. Awesome had left a message on the answering machine last night saying that she wanted to talk to me about my bloodwork.  This was a red flag because they NEVER call you unless there’s a problem.  I got ahold of her today and she told me that the test was elevated for Down’s Syndrome but not to panic because this apparently happens when they test people as late as they tested me.  Apparently, it’s not uncommon and not a panic thing but OMG… they got my appointment with the high-risk person in Great Falls moved up PDQ!!!

The really cool 3-D ultrasound will be next Friday.  We’re putting off the discovery of the gender of the sea monkey until then because I’m not thinking that my insurance companies want to pay for two ultrasounds and would likely stick us with the bill for the more expensive one.

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2 Responses to “Not That I Really Wanted To Know…”

  1. Tracey Says:

    Fingers crossed that all is okay.

  2. Sue Says:

    Praying for all of you…

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