Lent and Pregnancy

I’ve got the mother of all depression-anxiety attacks.  If I wasn’t pregnant, I could take some Klonopin and bliss out.  Unfortunately, Klonopin is a Class D medication and my doctor gets stern and flustered when I take Class D medications that I don’t *theoretically* need.  (Well… that and I’m out of it anyway so it’s not like I can just randomly take a dose of it.)  Pregnancy really does suck on occasion as does having the genes for this on both sides of my family.

Lent started today and because I’m too liturgically-inclined for my own good, it’s a meatless day for me.  This is just really not good because the depression-anxiety is already making me not want to eat and the only things that appeal to me are the things with meat in them.  (Why yes… my body *is* jonesing for a protein fix.  How could we tell?)  I’ve also given up swearing for the next 40 days (which doesn’t count Sundays depending on how strictly you interpret things) which is going to be *interesting* given the number of four-lettered words that fly around my office.  (I’m keeping precursors like “crap” though.)  Let’s just say that it’s probably good that I’m not due to go into labor in the next 40 days — I would so be breaking the Lenten thing QUICKLY.

2 Responses to “Lent and Pregnancy”

  1. Tracey Says:

    Take some time out. You need it. Worry about stuff next week.

  2. Sue Says:

    What is it about Lent anyway? My anxiety has been through the roof this week. I’ve been trying to go with the deep breathing and visualization, and it does help. It might help even more if someone else can count the breathing for you (a count of six for a BIG breath in, hold it for a second or two, then another count of six to let it go).

    Be good to you.

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