There Is Much Gnashing of Teeth Here

After ending up in the ER last night with abdominal pain, back pain, leg pain, and coughing fits from the EEEEEEVVVIIIIIILLLLL respiratory crud that Jon gave me, I came to my pre-natal appointment today to find that they were going to do a TON of bloodwork and make me do a 24-hour urine collection.  When I asked if I could just do the urine collection on Sunday because of work tomorrow, my doctor just looked at me and told me that there was no chance in Hades that I’d be going to work tomorrow.  Or Monday.  Or any day until they figured out why my blood pressure is so high.  (High = 140/100ish for the last week or so.)

Apparently, the doctor I had to see in the ER last night looked at my urine specimen and my blood pressure and prematurely diagnosed me with pre-eclampsia, the cure for which is getting Daniel out of my tummy.  As I’m only abut 28 1/2 weeks along, they really DON’T want to do that.

So… I get to be on bedrest for the four days.  I hate bedrest.  Bedrest drives me crazy.  Did I mention that Jon will be gone for three of those days and I’ll be without human contact unless I call my teenager to come over and help me with stuff?

Prayers for my sanity are encouraged.

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  1. Tracey Says:

    You poor thing! Call the teenager, you’ll need someone to talk to. I mean it.

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