Seeing Dr. Awesome

I’m just a little leery of something happening to me again so I saw Dr. Awesome this morning to discuss how to keep me healthy in all that we’re going through with Daniel.  Her nurses were overjoyed to see me which was nice — apparently, I’m the worst pre-eclampsia patient that Dr. Awesome has ever had and they were surprised at how I had recovered.  It’s pretty humbling to think that a week ago, my life was in danger.

Dr. Awesome and I talked about what I need to do today to prevent severe postpartum depression as I’m pretty susceptible to depression and with all that’s happening, I’m a pretty decent candidate for something happening.  We’re going to up me to my normal dose of Effexor XR as I’m not in danger of passing it on to Daniel through breast-feeding.  I’ll also see her again in two weeks and we’ll figure out if I should go back to work temporarily to conserve my FMLA time.

Daniel’s CaringBridge site is up and it is located at

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  1. Tracey Says:

    You have to look after your mental health, or you’ll be no good to Daniel when he gets home. Do whatever you have to!

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