Nausea, Car Trips, and Colcannon

I left my lunch around exit 373 on I-15 yesterday so I wasn’t feeling particularly optimistic for the trip to St. Mary Lake today with my parents (who are visiting).  I brought my saltines and some plastic bags and figured that if I got sick, I’d get sick.

Well… my problem wasn’t morning sickness/nausea/morning sickness (mostly because I’d not eaten anything except a few saltines) — it was that I needed to pee and there were no open bathrooms in St. Mary or Babb.  The only reason I got to use one was my mom went postal on a store clerk about how I was pregnant and this was serious and I’d get really ill if I didn’t.  (Thankfully, the owner’s daughter happened to be there and ushered me into the back because I think we were about ready to kill the clerk.  She was being incredibly bitchy about it telling my mom that I should just hold it in like she does.)

I managed to keep things in and have even kept dinner down thus far.  (We made colcannon and it turned out really well.)  I’m thinking the baby is chill with Irish food?

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