Medication Withdrawl

I now sooooo understand why they are really wary of bi-polar women getting pregnant — most of the SSRI’s and medications for it are class C or D which means they can harm the fetus and the women need to be taken off of them.  I’m just dealing with the withdrawal from my Effexor XR (for dysthymia) and I’m having WICKED side effects.  The dizziness is obnoxious and kind of scary.  The panic attacks are debilitating.  I had to leave work early yesterday because I couldn’t stop crying.

I went to see Dr. Awesome today and she told me to get on the Wellbutrin immediately.  I’ve also apparently gained 10 lbs in the 10 days since my last visit (thank you bronchial crud, asthmatic response to bronchial crud, and sea monkey sucking all the energy out of me) so… I have orders to walk/taebo/whatever as soon as I can keep myself upright.  As if I wasn’t already feeling like a beached whale…

Oh yeah… apparently, my beta blocker is also not great for the sea monkey so I’m on a new one.  *crosses fingers that it works on migraines*

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  1. Crystal Says:


    I know how heinous the withdrawal from Effexor XR can be.

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