Doing Much Better

I’ve been on a steady dose of Effexor for a week now and I’m doing much better.  I haven’t had any nausea since in more than a week and the dizziness is gone.

I saw Dr. Awesome on Tuesday and she told us what the birth defect associated with Effexor is (pulmonary artery atresia) and what we’d do so that if it happens, we’re prepared.  She talked to the high risk pregnancy person in Great Falls and I guess she’s sending me down there for an ultrasound once or twice during the months ahead.  They know what to watch for and if the baby does have PAA, we’ll be prepared as to what to do in terms of fixing it.  There’s also a risk of Seretonin Syndrome but that mostly means that the sea monkey will be crabby for 3-5 days or so.  She answered a lot of other questions while we were there and it was a good appointment in that respect.  I’m really glad she’s my doctor — I know some people don’t like her, but she’s willing to search out answers if she doesn’t have them immediately.  (She also assured us that we’re by no means her worst case scenario.)

Here’s a kitty picture (in keeping with the tagline on this blog).  I didn’t really have things together for a Hallowe’en costume so I just donned my cat ears and tail from last year.  When I got to work, I dangled a computer mouse from my pocket so I could claim that I caught a mouse.  Yes, I am teh geek.  Is anyone surprised?  😛

I also want to welcome anyone visiting from the SQPN Pregnancy group on Facebook.  I found out about the group while hanging with the peeps on UStream during the live recording of the Catholic in a Small Town podcast.  I had some great conversation with Zina and a few others that made me feel better about being pregnant and on anti-depressants.  It’s so nice that they let me play with them even though I’m a Lutheran in a small town.  (At least… I think they know I’m Lutheran?) In any case, welcome y’all!

One of my co-workers sent me a present by mail: a pregnancy planning journal! Much squeeing ensued on Monday when I opened the package. It’s great in the sense that it’s getting my thoughts focused. It has a journalling prompt for each week, a section with calendar dates so I can track appointments, folders for all the literature and stuff I get from Dr. Awesome, a list of things needed for the sea monkey when it arrives, and a section with just blank paper. It also has a list of names but we’ve got names picked out already — we picked them out 8 1/2 years ago!

OK… I have a speech meet to judge in Browning tomorrow so night night!

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