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Update on Daniel

Sunday, February 15th, 2009

So I’m actually calling the sea monkey by its given name now.  Yes, I’ve accepted that I’m pregnant — that moment came in December when we had the first ultrasound and I saw him moving around.

I did see Dr. Awesome two days after the ultrasound.  It was a minor visit — she just wanted to see me and make sure all was well.  Daniel was asleep so his heart rate was only about 120 instead of the normal 140-150 that we normally get when he’s doing somersaults, kickboxing me, or playing with his feet.  Measurement-wise, I’m also where I should be which I guess is good.  Weight-wise, I gained 0.6 lbs which I find so funny because I’ve just gained and lost that weight since about December with little change.

Last Sunday (a week ago), I got hit with severe nausea and was up a good chunk of the night vomiting and cleaning out the sink drain because my stomach contents plugged it up.  I have plastic bags near wherever I’m sleeping because the nausea usually hits pretty fast and the other part of the night, I was making trips to the bathroom because of all the ginger ale and club soda (basically carbonated water) I was drinking to try and settle my stomach.  Going into work on Monday morning was NOT an option due to having no sleep.

As for my tummy, there’s debate on whether or not it’s all that big.  I’m definitely pregnant-looking but people have commented that I’m not “showing” as much as I could.  (This is so nice to hear because I do feel like I resemble a beached whale on occasion.)  I’m fitting into pre-pregnancy clothes kind of intermittently and shirts are long enough as long as I’m aware of where they are relative to my waistband.  (I consider it impolite to show off belly skin.)

In my non-pregnancy life, I’m reading a really great book by Barbara Kingsolver called Animal, Vegetable, Miracle: A Year in Food Life.  I should be feeling guilty because I eat a lot of processed foods these days as well as lots of Subway (serious convenience factor on my part, not to mention that they’ll make me whatever I want in terms of a sandwich) but I’m not due to not having the time or energy to have a social conscience at the moment.  It’s kind of amusing because it theoretically would not be that hard to actually eat the way she describes in the book during much of the year as I can get (and probably store) vegetables from neighbors and from the Hutterites.  As far as meat/dairy, the Hutterites slaughter chickens and do eggs, most of my parishioners raise cattle (and would probably sell me beef if I wanted it), a couple of my church kids sell eggs, and one of my neighbors milks her own cattle.  Looking out over the vast whitescape right now, this is all pretty far-fetched because it’s very definitely WINTER here and my local grocery store (while fairly good) doesn’t import all that much variety out of season.  Once Daniel is born, I might actually have the time to have a food conscience (strange as it sounds) because I can take him to farmer’s markets with me and I’m sure my neighbors wouldn’t mind a visit if I wanted meat or milk or eggs.

Off to curl up with the panther who is probably wondering why Mommy hasn’t come to see her yet.  (Then again, she had me this morning because I was sleeping some Sudafed instead of being in church like a good pastor’s wife.)

FDA, You Suck!

Friday, November 28th, 2008

Yahoo.Com: FDA sets safe level for infant formula contaminant.

Because having a zero tolerance policy would be too easy, right?

Attention US FDA: you guys suck!

Breast-Feeding Might Be My Best Option…

Thursday, November 27th, 2008

Yahoo.Com: FDA finds traces of melamine in US infant formula

Yeah… I think I’ll definitely be leaning more toward breast-feeding the sea monkey, at least until the FDA establishes a zero-tolerance policy on melamine.

Being (Sort-of) A Crunchy Granola Mommy

Sunday, November 2nd, 2008

I’m only finishing my second month of pregnancy right now but I’m already thinking about things like breast-feeding (yes/no), cloth-diapering, and baby-wearing. I know that some of this stuff is a no-brainer to some of you but this post is mostly to help me figure out what I want to do and how I need to go about doing it.

Breast-feeding: I know some of you feel really passionate on this subject and can’t imagine why I wouldn’t breast-feed the sea monkey but there are a few issues for me.  I think the biggest issue at the moment is that some of my medications would be passed into the breast milk (I’m talking about the Effexor XR) and I don’t really want the sea monkey to have problems from that.  There’s also the issue of how I know the sea monkey is getting enough to eat but I think if I wanted to breast-feed, there would be someone at the clinic/hospital who could help me with that one.  I have talked to Dr. Awesome about it and her answer is that she’d support whatever decision I made and help me to work with said decision.

Cloth-diapering: Jon and I are most likely (99% sure) going to use cloth diapers.  The biggest reason is that we have to burn our trash here and we don’t really want all the disposable diaper trash piling up during the summer when we are forbidden to burn it.  I know that we’d have to do more laundry but that’s totally fine.  Right now, my only concern is what kind (i.e. brand) to get and how many to have on hand.  Kristen?  Laura?

Baby-wearing: This one is another thing I’m quite sure about doing.  I’m working on an Amazon.Com baby registry (or maybe even a registry page on this site if I end up needing things from multiple places) and a Moby wrap is already on the list.  I’m planning on doing this because it would allow me to have the sea monkey with me when I’m walking around the house or out and about.

Homebirthing: Not happening.  I can tell you that much.  We live in a parsonage and unfortunately don’t have enough privacy.  I’m also kind of wanting my doctor to be present.  I know a lot of people have done the homebirth thing and know great midwives but… it’s not an option for me.